Catch Native of trophy class trout
with drift boat fishing or spotting !

Stream & Small River


Shari River

Only a small fish is in a small river.  It is a big mistake supposing the direction to consider is.  We catch a fish of 50 cm excess from just small stream and put it up.  On such a river, it could be called the way of fishing with the exciting spotting.  You approach the place where a fish lies hidden in calmly, and you must be sensitive, and cast your dry fly or a nymph delicately.  Probably all of you tie Dun of Mayfly to tippet, and the cast does it to a little upper reaches of the point where a hungry trout waiting for insects, -- the fly it will pour into a feeding line.  And you may use small terrestrial if let you spread it.  But the fish may be waiting only for the nymph of a certain kind of small Caddis.   And the gong of a fight is sounded the moment they held your fly in their mouth (it gets used to looking as if it was seeing also in slow motion). Our fishing guide provides you with wonderful experience and a wonderful result by the "match THE hatch" supported by a rich experience and rich entomology.
The best season is from June to October .



Large River

On a big river which is represented on the Kushiro river, a sinking line and streamer type fly are needed, and this is pulled by crossing & down. As for this, salmon fishing in Churui River is equal, too.  Moreover, the super hatch of Caddis or Mayfly begins from the evening of summer.  We promise you the exciting fly fishing using the dry fly and the emerger pattern of Caddis or Mayfly like wholly.
You can aim at the point that there is not of beginning usually by the fishing tour that drift boat was used for from the top of a boat
On such a big river, you can also enjoy
spin fishing.
On the Kushiro river, fishing can enjoy itself through for one year.

Upper Churui


About Salmon Fishing

Mr Sgahara ith Chum Salmon


"Salmon fishing", is one of representing fishing of Hokkaido.  It is broadly enjoyed from the fishing in a river which is represented on the Churui river to the fishing in the sea using a boat.   The fishing that it is hardly possible to experience it in other part of Japan.  An object is a Pink salmon and a Chum salmon.  A term is from July to November. Isn't the fight with a powerful salmon enjoyed? Do not you try to enjoy fighting with the powerful salmon?

64cm、Pink Slmon

pink salmon

The most important one by the salmon fishing in a river should find a fish.  A salmon goes up from the sea according to natural conditions, such as amount of water, water temperature, and temperature.  However, they aim at the upstream little by little with a rest rather than go up at a stretch to a spawning ground place.  It is [ understanding the place in which the they are likely to lurk, and ] important how the place is approached. Probably, in other words, we can say that the first point of salmon fishing is in "approach." When looking for a fish and the presentation of the fly is carried out to a fish.

Although it is good and the opinion "whether the salmon fishing in a river is HANGING - fish does not bite-" is heard, since this has adopted only such how to fish, it becomes so inevitably. If the way of fishing which makes fly consume is adopted, they will also add by the mouth. My fly was added firmly actually 90% or more of the salmon which I fished last year. What is necessary is in short, just to pour fly exactly under their tip of the nose.

Moreover, the fun of salmon fishing is also in the fight with them. It could be said that the way of the fish which held fly in its mouth by the mouth can enjoy several steps also in this meaning in the diplomacy in the fight.
Incidentally, my tackle of last year was a #6 and 9 feet rod, with 50cm in Tippet of 1-3X, without attaching a leader to the Uniform-sink line directly. (most of fisher were surprised at a rod of # 6)

Mr Wakita with pink salmon

Of course, spin fishing can also be enjoyed. My friend Mr. Wakita used only minnows in the Churui river expedition which attains to the one month and a half, and cleared the world of new salmon fishing with a splendid catch last year. One also with the important case of this way of fishing is, or it carries out the presentation of minnows to the tip of the nose of a fish what, and the capability to find a fish, and the capability to control minnows are required of an angler.  There would not be the angler other than Mr. Wakita that catch salmon by lures last season.

Thus, one day of more pleasant fishing can be experienced by knocking down a preconceived idea also in lure fishing also in fly-fishing.

"anglers of 10 %, chatch a fish of 90 %"- Teddy



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